Jede Nacht hat ihre Sterne, jedes Dunkel hat sein Licht, in jeder Düsternis schimmert eine Kerze – wenn DU sie entzündest“. Unbekannt.

Personality & Character

Hi, I am Mickael, passionate photographer fascinated by people, faces, attitudes…

Nothing on earth offers more diversity than human faces, day after day. Nothing on earth is driving more feelings in me than to perceive mistery in dark eyes or to get lost along the outline of generous lips.

Capture light in shadow may give birth to a nice picture. Though, the real attraction power in a picture is always shinning from the character.

You like to be taken in picture? You have fun at photo shooting and you want to show the world who you are?


Proud to present my first zine!        „Diese Straßen lassen sich laufen„,   „J’ai maché dans ces rues“

30 selected street photos from 2023 exclusively in Berlin. Check out for amazing street action!

You are creative and you want to realize your ideas with photos?

Choose the outfit you like and your favorite location. Join me alone with a friend or with your folks and let yourself shine!

Get in touch! More info here

No commercial offer, nothing to pay but a lot to share!

A gentlemen agreement (Model release) based on T.F.P.* is good enough to start.

*T.F.P : „Time for pictures“ Austausch von Zeit gegen Fotos.
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