Commented tour „F³ – Masterclass Porträt“

Nov. 23rd 2023, F³ Galerie. Guided tour with comments from director Sybille Fendt, Berlin

High emotional works from Lotte Agger, Sandra Buschow, Francesco Giordano, Klaus Heymach, Silke Jacobsen, Karin Kutter, Jörg Meier, Michael O’Ryan, Helen Stevens, Antya Umstätter, Tara Wolff. Portrait of lovely people, simple life, extreme character, engagement or just faces from next door or from abroad.

My favorite, Helen Stevens, delivers with the series „Midlife Journey“ a lyric travel though the all day life of a lovely couple around 40+. Exactly this moment in life where you realize with nostalgia, melancolia and sometimes sadness that „all that was will never be again“.

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